WIP: Online Catalogue

We can’t wait to launch our online portfolio! Our awesome graphic designer/friend, Sabrina Palmares, has been helping us on design and web layout. Here are some for a sneak peak!

crafty banner

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matchbox babies

So many things to do, so little time. We are currently working on bulk orders (for Heima, Punchdrunk Panda, and Googly Gooeys) as well as new stuff for the next 10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair (event details on next post).

What to expect on the portfolio:

  • Collections
  • Custom projects
  • Collaborations
  • Events/ News
  • Features

We love it how Sab made a crafty feel on it. Just need to upload photos and make some write ups then it will be up for good. We should get our own domain pretty soon.

Mmmkay. Need to go back to work. By the way, in preparation for the next craft fair, we are cooking something new. Watch out here or on our Facebook fanpage for details.



Bloom Arts 2012

Art scene not dead.

This statement lingered our minds  last September 29 at Bloom Arts Festival. Over 70 creative minds and skillful hands come together to celebrate, nourish, and exhibit the art and design of Cubao X.

Art exhibits, live painting, live music, booths, booze, and overwhelming supporters all in one night. While editing our photos, I realized we missed to document other happenings. Boo! Yet we are stoked to be part of this event (though not an exhibitor) as one of the sellers in the flea market. Thanks 98B for showcasing our goodies alongside with other hip brands.


We had roughly less than a week notice so we just had few in our inventory. L-R: mustache and horn-rimmed glasses sleeping mask, and pug plush pillows. We heard that the pugs were all sold out! YEAH! Other sellers were Roomix, Moonleaf Tea Shop, Bookay-Ukay, and more. It’s our first time to sell our own goodies in Cubao X.


Heima Store showed off superb artworks by Valerie Chua, Thursday Room (Soleil Ignacio / Tokwa Penaflorida / Kris Abrigo), Dan Matutina, Ge Mapa, Aleyn Comprendio, Charles Buenconsejo, Everywhere We Shoot!, Folk Superlative, InkSurge, and Idkids.


We’re failed to check out other exhibits in the other stores but we heard it will last for two weeks. Check out Bloom Arts  for more details!

It was indeed another inspiration for us to make art in our own way not only by making plushies but more of fabric art! Who knows maybe we could make it to the next Bloom Arts Festival. How we wish!

Cubao X was alive again!