10a Alabama Fair in Photos (July ’13)

Here are some photos taken last Arts and Crafts Fair held at 10a Alabama, QC. In fact, it’s been a year since we first joined the said event. Belated happy 1st birthday to us!

Awesome people who brought our new collection home

Angel of My Gilded Nest

Angel of My Gilded Nest and her husband


She also has our cat plush.




The girl in panda mask is one of our avid online customers. So stoked to see her at the event.


Ms. Trina of Bags by Rubbertree! The crafting apron shall serve her well in making quality leather goods.


Ms. Denise of Simone’s Closet. She makes stylish accessories (like the necklace she wears) and clothes.

Saab and Meelo sweet treats! The blue crafting apron suits her well, doesn't it?

Saab and Meelo sweet treats! The blue crafting apron suits her well, doesn’t it?


Another avid customer- Ms. Anna. There’s no fair that she didn’t buy from us. Thankful for her endless support.

Photo grabbed from Ms. Anna's Facebook Timeline

Sporting her Monsterella loot! (Photo grabbed from her Facebook timeline. )

Our favorite Alabamers!


Designer’s Crib– our booth partner whenever we join big fairs


Eureka Design Co. brings us neon dream catchers and colorful collection of art prints. Check out their new designs.

Spellbound Ph for your paper needs.

Spellbound Ph for your paper needs.

More shops!

Solid Perfumes by Aromateria. I got the Austen scent and it's heavenly.

Solid Perfumes by Aromateria. I got the Austen scent and it’s heavenly. MUST TRY.



And favorite guest!


Hagia-chan- it was her first time to visit 10a Alabama and she loved the resident cat there.

It was another exciting fair and it’s always a pleasure to meet new faces as well as the familiar ones. Kidlat Tahimik also paid a visit to each booth though we didn’t have the chance to have a photo with him.

Hope many would shop again for the next and last fair for this year. It’s probably around November, we guess. Check out 10a Alabama on Facebook for announcements.


Some photos turned out blurred. We posted them anyway :P.


Check out previous fairs here.


10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair (Nov)

It’s our second time to join 10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair this year. First one took place last July. We had a booth for a day in the previous one so we decided to sell for 2 days this time. And we did the right choice. This craft fair is by far the most fun and appropriate for indie sellers like us.

Girls love our sleeping maks

Taken by Lorra of Stars For Dreams

1. New collection of sleeping masks 2. Earth supports handmade 3. Sab’s postcard 4.  (Few) Loots! 🙂

I.am.handmade  Japanese doll

My camera button was busted so I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos. Sadness. Anyhow, the event was filled with more craft makers/sellers this time. I heard it’s the biggest line up ever. We also saw new and old goers. It seemed our craft fair experience leveled up after this. We got to chat more and promote the advocate. Good thing about the fair was people are interested to chat about your creations. They appreciate the effort, passion, and time that we give upon making it. Some of them get inspired as well. They want to begin their own craft even just a hobby.

A new collection of sleeping masks was launched at the fair such as fox, hamster, and raccoon designs. Our hipster glasses were the best-sellers though. Surprisingly, all our plushies were sold out especially Totoro and pug pillows. Some went back the next day to get their own. We couldn’t be any happier.

Our friends from Designer’s Crib Interior Graphics made their way to join in the event, too. They sold handmade pouches, tote bags, wall decals, and designer pillows. Click their photo on the right side bar to be redirected to their fanpage.

Curious bee by Sab Palmares

We’d like to thank all the buyers, supporters, friends, and fellow crafters as well as the organizers of 10a Alabama.

Let’s continue supporting handmade by attending this kind of event. See you next year.