Working Mom Magazine Featured 10a Alabama Group

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We can not contain all sorts of feels just to see  our crafts (and our faces) in the latest issue of Working Mom Magazine.  Monsterella Plush Art together with 10a Alabama Group shares their stories of humble beginnings, passion for arts and crafts, and joys of crafting for everyone. Grab a copy of the September issue to know more about what’s selling at 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair held thrice a year at a warm and rustic house in QC. Everyone’s gearing up for another HANDMADE CHRISTMAS, for sure.

Thank you for the feature! Hope there’s a lot more coming soon. All photos are owned by Ms. Asa Montenejo of Inky Livie. Cheers to all *Alabamers! See you at the next fair. x


collection: monster plushies

Fact: We launch our collections at 10a Alabama so you’d better keep an eye (like these monster plushies). Hee. This collection was launched last April 13-14. Few of our collections were matchbox babies (see the header above) and gnomes, pug and cat plush pillows, vintage cats, and more.

1 2 3 4 5

Not so long ago, we made a small version of these plushies– the one-eyed plush. We just made it for display. It’s like staring at us while we work. The more you see it staring makes you feel ashamed of procrastinating. We procrastinate at times, yeah, but the one-eyed plush keep up focused somehow. This also inspires us to make our own designer plush toys and join craft shows or art exhibits in the future.

6If you haven’t known yet, we consign some stuff at Pocket Universe Art Gallery, 2nd floor Saguijo bar. The owner, Ms. Camille saw this collection and gave us a heads up. Told her about our dream and asked why we didn’t let her know beforehand. She could have given us a chance she said so. She’s out of the country now and promised us to talk about it again when she comes back. Pocket Universe is now managed by Pindiemusic. We just delivered some pugs and sheep plushies as well as polka dot tote bags. Photos on this blog soon. Visit and check out the gallery then chill at the bar. Saguijo is such a home for fresh and rookie bands in the metro. Terno (recording) bands like Up Dharma Down usually performs there. Come swing by.

To wrap this up, this collection was a hit we can tell. Most of the kids (even those young at heart) were hooked and their loving parents didn’t have to think twice. For us, we make plushies not only as toys (well, for the kids perhaps) but as a piece of art, a memento of everyone’s childhood. What best is if we can be part of these kids’ childhood memories, too.

On the other hand, we have yet to realize who our real market is. Back when we had our Totoro collection, parents would buy it for their love children. Because of this, we are more than inspired to create and improve our designs more. We are always thankful to everyone who supports handmade and indie artists like us. Hope to see you at crafts fairs soon or plush exhibits (why not?). Hello, Vinylonvinyl and Secret Fresh, we hope to make a breakthrough soon (dream big). Haha!



Check out our other craft shows here. Till our next collection. x

Monster Plushies at 10a Alabama

This is absolutely a late post because the next 10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair is happening this coming weekend. And we’ll be joining again for two days.

The last fair took place last April 13-14 and it turned out well as always. We came up with a new collection of MONSTER PLUSHIES. And to our delight, mostly kids fell in love with them.




Monster plushies went together with pug plush pillows, fox and horn-rimmed glasses sleeping masks, plush a new line- TOTE BAGS. Not to mention, CHEVRON TOTES. TEE HEE!





Our good friend, Sabrina Palmares, also debuted with her charming fabric pins.


Craft Fair is always a good venue to meet beautiful people and crafty fellas. This is the best part after all the cramming and sleepless nights of laboring your goodies. We meet nice customers and they become our regular visitors, in fact.  We meet old and new sellers/makers and share our business insights. We help each other on promotions and so on. It’s good to know  there’s a community that provides you a place where you feel you belong.


L-R: Nike of LoveNikitaPh, Geli of Pop Pins, Liz of Spellboundph

L-R: Nike of LoveNikitaPh, Geli of Pop Pins, Liz of Spellboundph

Just a preview of their bits and bobs, LoveNikitaPh is all about crocheted jewelries and accessories, Pop Pins turns bottle caps into cute and witty badges or hair clips, Spellbound showcases charming notebooks good for scribbling, doodling, and travel diary (as for me) because of it’s blank pages. I wish there would be dotted notebooks, too, for calligraphy that is. 🙂

Other wonderful booths as follows

boothsL-R (1st row): Lovely accessories by My Gilded Nest, unique stamps by Rubberducky Stamp Co., and mouth-watering macarons by Merry Macarons

L-R (2nd row): Felt goodies by Gawanifemi, Waldorf dolls by Dolldalita (Iamhandmade), and Hey Kessy‘s collection of stoneware plates (but they sell washi tapes and baker’s twines mainly)

Those are not all so you’d better visit us at 10a Alabama in Quezon City. Refer to the map below.


10a Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair takes place thrice a year. For this year, there was in April, July 20-21 (happening soon), and probably by November. So make sure you can catch it to bring home loads of handmade goodies and meet nice and artsy people. There’s a fascinating community waiting for you. Some sellers used to visit and buy, next thing they knew they were setting up a booth already. It can be you as well. 🙂

We’d like to thank our amazing customers esp. the kids. At first glance, they knew they really want to take our plushies home. And for their parents who are so loving and give what their kid wants hehe. To our fellow ALABAMERS, keep being awesome. We hope to meet more and more in this growing crafty community.

Here’s for the next fair!

July 20-21

Fact: We usually launch new collections here so you’d better catch us because they are only limited edition. For this one, we’ll launch new kinds of monster plush, new plush pillows- DACHSHUND, new printed totes (polka dots and more), and new designs for sleeping masks (hint: they are adventurous!). Who are not excited for this? Don’t miss out!


Hope we can post a sneak peek, that’s if we can still find a time! Watch out for it.

Add us on Instagram or Twitter @monsterellaplus for updates.

See our Instagram gallery.


10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair (Nov)

It’s our second time to join 10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair this year. First one took place last July. We had a booth for a day in the previous one so we decided to sell for 2 days this time. And we did the right choice. This craft fair is by far the most fun and appropriate for indie sellers like us.

Girls love our sleeping maks

Taken by Lorra of Stars For Dreams

1. New collection of sleeping masks 2. Earth supports handmade 3. Sab’s postcard 4.  (Few) Loots! 🙂  Japanese doll

My camera button was busted so I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos. Sadness. Anyhow, the event was filled with more craft makers/sellers this time. I heard it’s the biggest line up ever. We also saw new and old goers. It seemed our craft fair experience leveled up after this. We got to chat more and promote the advocate. Good thing about the fair was people are interested to chat about your creations. They appreciate the effort, passion, and time that we give upon making it. Some of them get inspired as well. They want to begin their own craft even just a hobby.

A new collection of sleeping masks was launched at the fair such as fox, hamster, and raccoon designs. Our hipster glasses were the best-sellers though. Surprisingly, all our plushies were sold out especially Totoro and pug pillows. Some went back the next day to get their own. We couldn’t be any happier.

Our friends from Designer’s Crib Interior Graphics made their way to join in the event, too. They sold handmade pouches, tote bags, wall decals, and designer pillows. Click their photo on the right side bar to be redirected to their fanpage.

Curious bee by Sab Palmares

We’d like to thank all the buyers, supporters, friends, and fellow crafters as well as the organizers of 10a Alabama.

Let’s continue supporting handmade by attending this kind of event. See you next year.


Monsterella at 10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair (July)

July 8, 2012

Craft fairs and bazaars are really tempting especially in peak seasons. We know how important it is to join such events to sell our very own handmade plushies. We started as a consignor in Twee Shop for Global Pinoy Bazaar held in Rockwell last December. There, we also met Nikki of Junk Studio whom we usually see in numerous bazaars. Recently, we both joined Latagan Flea Market c/o redslim08 wherein she invited us to join 10a Alabama craft fair as well.

We were thrilled because we knew it was really a warm place for crafty people in MNL. They hold craft fairs quarterly (we think) and made a community for crafters and customers. Just like our fave, Got Craft? in Vancouver and London.

Fast forward to the main event, we chose the second day to set up our booth. We’re pretty busy with other bulk orders so we could only choose one day. Huhu. But we’ll certainly get 2-day slot next time.

Jordan manning the booth

Bazaar means big production, therefore, a big challenge to a us (two-man team). We have to gear up as early as two months for it. Meaning as early as now if we would like to join the next fair in September. Our fruit of labor: cat and pug plush pillows, candy panda and owl sleeping masks, and 2-in-1 keychain/necklace matchbox babies. Quite few but enough to be nearly sold out. Imagine us going home with big smiles on our faces. Wee! ^_____^

Beautiful people who bought our handmade goodies:

Thank you!

Chanced upon Ms. Paula Peralejo

When we were asked “Why buy handmade?“:

Joycee and Ms. Marielle Nadal of Craft MNL

Take a peek at the shops!

There were more other pretty shops yet we were not able to shoot. Anyhow, our first craft fair experience at 10a Alabama was superb. We love the ambiance of the place, it’s serene and vintage-ish. We like the fellow crafters and the crowd for they truly appreciate handmade not only by purchasing but also to get inspired, to learn something about crafts, to know the stories untold behind each piece of art, and most of all, to join a community who values art and handmade.

For those who had been there in the past 10a Alabama art fairs, see you again. To those who would like to drop by next time, we heard the next will be around September. We’ll update you here or check out 10a Alabama on Facebook for more updates. They also hold other events aside from crafts fairs.

How to get there:

Special thanks to:

Nikki of Junk Studio for inviting us to join.

Arlene Barbaza, one of the organizers of the event.

Sinag de Leon, for being so friendly and accommodating to us and for the “exchange crafts.” She makes paper cut-out designed frames while her daughter makes accessories out of bicycle art. Also, little we knew, she’s a super-athlete!

Ms. Marielle Nadal of Craft MNL.

Support Handmade,