Stockholm St. by Ava Paguyo x Heima

Sadly, we couldn’t make it for the launch last Friday due to back to work mode yet we’re so proud for the another uber fascinating collection by Heima featuring Ms. Ava Paguyo. Check out their online catalogue for more details about the neon printed scarves and pillows collection. We’re stoked to be assigned to produce brooches out of the neon printed fabrics. For us, it seems eclectic, avant-garde-ish, and cute! Stockholm st. collection is up for grabs at Heima Makati branch, LRI Design Plaza.

(Photos grabbed from


What are we up to

Howdy! We’ve been occupied with making prototypes the past few weeks. We say weeks because it really took us ages to finish them all. How’s that? Custom order is currently closed due to bulk orders we are handling. Sorry to those who have been inquiring about their requests. We’ll accept orders again pretty soon.

I heard Jordan once said that making prototypes is more painstaking than production (for bulk orders). I second the motion. It’s not easy to create something unique out of pegs and color scheme. We are not complaining, though. Haha! The first successful prototype we made was the Heima Bunny, we supposed. Until now, we can’t get over its cuteness and sophistication.

Heima Bunny V.1

At present, we are gearing up for another collection (for our dear client, Heima) as well as a keychain project for Googly Gooeys. So grateful to have such cool clients like them. Teehee.


It’s something about NEON so how’s a neon printed brooch? We’ll make a bunch for this event so let’s go kids, yes?

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Stockholm St. by Ava Paguyo x Heima Launch

You have probably stumble upon this cute meme if you’re a social networking freak! Tipsy and Ponggo keychains will be invading your favorite shops soon! Check their website for more details.

Googly Gooeys Keychain Project coming soon!

Who’s not excited over these? Alright, we are shamelessly plugging for it yet we need to get back to work now! See you there, will ya? 🙂

Photo credits: Arlene Sy, Heima Home & Lifestyle, and Googly Gooeys. 

Monsterella at 10a Alabama Arts + Craft Fair (July)

July 8, 2012

Craft fairs and bazaars are really tempting especially in peak seasons. We know how important it is to join such events to sell our very own handmade plushies. We started as a consignor in Twee Shop for Global Pinoy Bazaar held in Rockwell last December. There, we also met Nikki of Junk Studio whom we usually see in numerous bazaars. Recently, we both joined Latagan Flea Market c/o redslim08 wherein she invited us to join 10a Alabama craft fair as well.

We were thrilled because we knew it was really a warm place for crafty people in MNL. They hold craft fairs quarterly (we think) and made a community for crafters and customers. Just like our fave, Got Craft? in Vancouver and London.

Fast forward to the main event, we chose the second day to set up our booth. We’re pretty busy with other bulk orders so we could only choose one day. Huhu. But we’ll certainly get 2-day slot next time.

Jordan manning the booth

Bazaar means big production, therefore, a big challenge to a us (two-man team). We have to gear up as early as two months for it. Meaning as early as now if we would like to join the next fair in September. Our fruit of labor: cat and pug plush pillows, candy panda and owl sleeping masks, and 2-in-1 keychain/necklace matchbox babies. Quite few but enough to be nearly sold out. Imagine us going home with big smiles on our faces. Wee! ^_____^

Beautiful people who bought our handmade goodies:

Thank you!

Chanced upon Ms. Paula Peralejo

When we were asked “Why buy handmade?“:

Joycee and Ms. Marielle Nadal of Craft MNL

Take a peek at the shops!

There were more other pretty shops yet we were not able to shoot. Anyhow, our first craft fair experience at 10a Alabama was superb. We love the ambiance of the place, it’s serene and vintage-ish. We like the fellow crafters and the crowd for they truly appreciate handmade not only by purchasing but also to get inspired, to learn something about crafts, to know the stories untold behind each piece of art, and most of all, to join a community who values art and handmade.

For those who had been there in the past 10a Alabama art fairs, see you again. To those who would like to drop by next time, we heard the next will be around September. We’ll update you here or check out 10a Alabama on Facebook for more updates. They also hold other events aside from crafts fairs.

How to get there:

Special thanks to:

Nikki of Junk Studio for inviting us to join.

Arlene Barbaza, one of the organizers of the event.

Sinag de Leon, for being so friendly and accommodating to us and for the “exchange crafts.” She makes paper cut-out designed frames while her daughter makes accessories out of bicycle art. Also, little we knew, she’s a super-athlete!

Ms. Marielle Nadal of Craft MNL.

Support Handmade,