Monsterella Plush Art 

Plush art is a new breed of fascinating, quirky art that’s emerging in the Philippines where cuddly toys have never been that creative and lovable. Anime-lovers, collectors, kids, art enthusiasts and perhaps everyone young at heart can now have their favorite comic characters and imaginary friends personalized through the dawn of Monsterella Plush Art.


Monsterella Plush Art (formerly Monsterella Plushies) turns designs into plush art. Business partners and competent artists Joycee and Jordan proudly leverage on handmade materials over commercialized products. Joycee found herself stitching voodoo dolls in college while Jordan used to make monster plush in an art collective called A-bomb. They were nothing but bums and all they had were scrap fabrics, buttons, rubbish polyster stuffing and other useful materials in their moms’ closet. Amazed by their style, a close friend encouraged them to make some plushies as birthday freebies for son’s first birthday. Eventually, the two established a supplier of decent, quality fabrics made especially for stuffed toys. This stoked their exploration to the world of furry fandom.


Monsterella Plush Art embraces art innovation and uses original handmade crafts available in the country.

Joycee and Jordan began with the animated characters they have loved the most since childhood. Most of their creations are rare and good enough for collecting such as Studio Ghibli characters (Totoro, Kodama, makurokuroske, and more), cute eye masks in various designs like panda, doraemon, domokun, owl and a lot more. They accommodate bulk custom orders such as other renowned Japanese animated characters turned into plush key holders, necklaces, and wristbands. Everything’s adorable and unique that only you can have and no one else —- a cockroach plush with an initial on its tummy or a pig plush with initials on it.

Eye masks are designed carefully and of good quality for a better sleep. Lots of graveyard shift workers are suffering from sleep disorders due to irregular sleep habit: an eye mask can help them sleep well despite morning light. These are very handy and cozy for traveling, recommended for pregnant mommies, students, and to those who are wishing for a sound sleep anywhere, anytime.

Packaging is absolutely handmade, too. Monsterella Plush Art utilizes improvised boxes and rucksack for each item. It certainly promotes eco-friendly products. Treat yourself and customize your designs and they’ll have it ready for you at reasonable prices.

“We have seen many felt creations similar with some of our stuff but our edge is, we have our own taste when it comes to design. We are very much particular with the details and we make sure it caters to our customer’s preference.”—- Joyce and Jordan


The business has been hot and is continuously gaining recognition from the local indie scene in the Metro. One of its breakthroughs is the first-ever plush collaboration with Heima Home and Lifestyle (furniture & home display shop). Monsterella Plush Artprovided Heima dolls (bunny plushies) featured in their third collection launching on May 14th. It was also invited for a radio guesting (Jam 88.3) for the Radio Marketplace show on May 25th.

Monsterella Plush Art is also poised to be internationally-acclaimed plush artists, eyeing on collaboration with other plush-graffiti artists that promote artisan crafts.


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