Meet Mr. Wandering Gnome

If you have seen Amélie, you must be familiar of this. Late last year, we launched our collection of 7 gnomes in different colors and seeing the film was one of our inspirations. Amelie (Audrey Tautou) persuades her father to follow his dream of touring the world by stealing his garden gnome and having a stewardess friend send pictures of it posing with landmarks from all over the world (Wikipedia). Clever, isn’t it? 

All these wonderful gnomes are already in good hands now. We gave them as freebies at the recent 10a Alabama Craft Fair. Wait! There’s one left. Tada!

Mr. Wandering Gnome

He’s actually our prototype and we just can’t let go of him. So there, he’s our travel buddy from now on. Other hobbies of us is traveling though we can just do it if we have spare time from production and yes, savings. We’d like to share another passion we have through Mr. Wandering Gnome by taking photos of him at different places our feet will bring us to.

Totoro in Sagada

Mr. Wandering Gnome’s first (mis)adventure was in a misty mountain hoping to see a scenic view of Taal Lake and its surroundings. Sadly, there was nothing but fog up in the Rockies (706+ MASL). But he was never disheartened. He continued wandering all the way to the summit and traverse to another exit point, the Grotto. Though it was never easy. He was like doing trailblazing along the cogon grass. He thought it was endless but then a lush forest welcomed him with strange sound of birds, mountain frogs, and unfamiliar cry of insects. It was eerie, he thought. The trail was steep, slippery, and foggy. He wanted to go back but it was a long long way so he must just face it and move forward. He took all the courage by appreciating the scene. He somehow felt home with the sight of the mossy trees and large ferns along the way. Ahh. What a sight! His first adventure was extraordinary despite of a little fear he has yet he must let go of it and embrace what the wilderness may serve. Thus, Mr. Wandering Gnome’s first day out was extraordinary that even he couldn’t really imagine it because he used to live in the lowlands.

Mt. Maculot, Batangas (Rockies-Summit-Grotto) Traverse, 07282012

Follow his journeys through this blog and on Instagram! We are @monsterellaplus, see our gallery.

Till his next adventure,



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