Why buy handmade?

Why buy handmade?

Photo credits: Craft MNL

Crafted as “art” not only a “product.”

We came up to this when we were asked “Why buy handmade?”. Why do we say so? Simply because every item we make is out of passion, dedication, and art. Check out Craft MNL for more info.

Craft MNL is a community of artisans, crafters designers and creative entrepreneurs who learn, create, share and celebrate the work of our hands.

Craft MNL is a venue to share skills, tips, craft leads and challenges with artisans, to learn from each other, and to collectively discover more about Philippine traditional craft, its methods, and about local materials.

Nikki of Junk Studio, also has her own five reasons why we should love and support handmade.

Support handmade doesn’t end with just purchasing it. Learn some DIY projects as well and make sure to use eco-friendly materials for it. Let’s reduce the waste our Mother Earth already has and convert it into something creative and unique.

We’re proud to wear our “Support Handmade” shirts. Been hearing a lot of compliments so we’d like to reproduce soon. Wait for the updates here.

How about you? Why buy handmade? (Reply in the comment section)


4 thoughts on “Why buy handmade?

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  2. We know that every Filipino has a creative side but not everyone is able to showcase their work to the world. That’s where we come in. Handmade Philippines exists to connect artists, designers and craftspeople to those who appreciate their work.

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