We visited Heima at LRI Design Plaza recently for some talks and so on. Can’t elaborate so much about it but you will see something wonderful soon.

Reading Anthology mag while waiting.

The man! And the plushies!

A plush reunion indeed (from left to right- Heima bunny, baby santa, gnome, and daruma plushies).

*Stuffs available at Heima* Visit their shops at Cubao expo and LRI Design Plaza (Makati).

Hello, Pola.

Kamera Lamp (Owl and bunny lamps are on hand, too.)

Forgot to take photos of their BAGGU bags that we are eyeing for dibs.

Come check out. They’re lovely.

A display we’re fond of.

Holiday season will come before long. Let’s make it awesome and memorable. Oh! How excited we are. So are you. x

(All photos are taken with Vignette Demo except the Baggu bag)


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